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Erkerny sofa in an interior: we make out free space 22 (photo)


The front part of the room, which is decorated with panoramic windows and has the sweet name “bay window”, is not always the original solution of the space, sometimes it is a real headache, because it is extremely difficult to arrange such a corner.

Usually they have a dining area, a study or a place for reading, but there are connoisseurs who prefer to decorate this piece of room with a place for socializing and relaxing - a bay sofa.



Of course, you can save money and place a simple corner sofa, but a custom designed bay structure will look much better. An oriel sofa is usually made to exactly the size of a niche, which allows it to ideally fill in the free space and make the rest area complete.

Depending on what room is the cherished niche, will change the characteristics of the sofa and the requirements for its design. Before we begin to discuss specific options for the placement of bay windows in the house, let's talk about its features:

  • Variety of forms. Since the facade and the viewing window can be of any shape, then the bay sofa can have any shape. It can be round, oval or in the form of a polyhedron.
  • Individuality. Since the bay windows of the sofas are made for specific sizes and to order, then there will definitely not be two identical sofas of this type.
  • Compactness. The sofa clearly rises in the limited space of the bay window, which allows for rational use of the living space.
  • Versatility. This furniture has no special stylistic affection, it is found in both classic and ultramodern interiors. In order to emphasize a particular direction, you only need to determine with the upholstery material and the shape of the back.

All these features bring bay windows to a special level, because few of the furniture elements can boast such an extensive combination of qualities.



Bay window sofa for the kitchen

Very often in modern homes, bay windows are located in the kitchen. Usually they make out large rooms, where you can easily select a work area and a place for meals. In such cases, a bay sofa in the kitchen is bought to create a separate tea or dining area.

If the goal is to create a comfortable tea-drinking area, separate from the main dining room, then I supplement the sofa in the bay window with a small coffee table. It can be made of wood or metal, have one or four legs, can move on wheels. It is important that it complements the interior of the bay window and promotes pleasant gatherings over a cup of tea.

If the bay sofa is part of a common dining area, then a large dining table can be set up for all family members. In this case, it is very important to choose the right height of the sofa relative to the height of the table top, so that nothing interferes with a comfortable meal.



Bay windows for living room

In this room, the conditions are more benign, so you can not be afraid of the upholstery, but do not forget that it should be attractive and pleasant, because guests and friends gather in the living room. You can impress visitors by installing a comfortable sofa with a soft back and compact armrests in the bay window. It will be nice to have conversations and spend the evening.




The peculiarity of the bay lounge sofa in the living room is that the whole room is usually seen from this place and all the incoming ones are visible, so make sure that this place is fully equipped.

Sofa upholstery can be very diverse, it all depends on the style of your room. For classic interiors, leather and velvety materials can be used, in the southern provence a sofa with a floral upholstery will look good, hi-tech will attract with laconic forms of armrests and dark colors.



Design variations

It is difficult to add something special to the construction of a bay sofa, because it is already created according to individual sketches and contains all the wishes of the owner. However, designers have provided two design features that can be equipped with bay furniture for recreation:

  • availability of a berth;
  • modular design

These features do not detract from the advantages of simple designs, however, if they are available, the value of the bay sofa increases significantly.



For example, a bay sofa with a berth will be an excellent option to accommodate guests for the night. Retractable soft surface will accommodate two people without prejudice to their rest. Of course, such a design is unlikely to be put in the bedroom, but in the living room, it may well come in handy.



The modular bay sofa can be placed in any room: in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bedroom and in the study. The advantages of this design is that it is assembled, depending on the needs of the owners. So, with the help of special modules, the number of seats can be increased or decreased, one of the modules can turn into a coffee table, and the other can serve as a storehouse of alcoholic beverages.




As you can see, the bay sofa is not only a stationary design, it is also an opportunity to transform the spaces of different rooms. Regardless of which option you choose, the most important thing to remember is that the bay sofa is still built-in furniture, and it should perfectly fit the occupied space. Only with such compatibility your interior will look laconic and complete.