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French sofa: furniture with taste (21 photos)


The name may seem outlandish, in fact, you probably have seen such a variant of the bed more than once. The French sofa is quite popular for its convenience, ease of use and functionality.

From the usual folding sofas, this model is different device folding mechanism and ease of construction. On the pros and cons of the French folding bed, the features of its use will tell in the article.



What is a French sofa?

French sofa-book took root in the market for a long time. Over the years, the folding mechanism and the sleeping place itself have been improved more and more to make it as comfortable as possible.

The bed of the unfolded French bed is a metal frame with a flooring in the middle. Initially, wicker nets were used as flooring, then an awning. Such a wicker construction was uncomfortable and short-lived, and awnings without a supporting base quickly sagged, so for a long time the sofa bed was not seriously considered as an option for daily full sleep.



Assembly mechanism

Folding design is completely hidden inside the sofa. On top of the seat is a pillow, it is not part of the design. It is possible to transform a folded sofa for sleep very easily and quickly. The mechanism has built-in automatic metal support legs, the design has a convenient handle located in front of the bed.

To expand the sofa book, you need to remove the pillow, pull on a special handle and pull out the mechanism. It unfolds like a regular folding bed.

The folding mechanism consists of three sections and folds in three. The first head section with the help of hinges rests on the mounting angle. The following two sections - the head and the foot are mounted on metal legs in the shape of the letter “P”. During the transformation of the sofa legs unfold automatically.

The result is a sleeper small. In the morning it is again folded in three layers and turns into a cozy compact sofa.



Advantages and disadvantages

Sofas with the mechanism of "French folding bed" have their pros and cons. The advantages include:

  • Attractive appearance. Both corner and straight sofas fit perfectly into any interior and fit any furniture. The variety of design allows you to choose from a variety of different upholstery fabrics. In the range there are even leather sofas.
  • Compactness. When folded, the French sofa book takes up minimal space. This is a great option for a small apartment, where every centimeter of space is important.
  • Efficiency. With all its advantages, the cost of the sofa is relatively low.
  • The ability to select the length of the bed. The French folding bed is presented in ten options of the size.



There are some disadvantages:

  • Laundry storage boxes are not provided.
  • Low lifetime. If you chose a French couch, it is worth bearing in mind that it will last a maximum of seven years. This is the life of the mechanism of this model, which quickly wears out and fails.
  • Not suitable as a daily bed. The sofa-book has a very thin mattress in the set, and this does not in the best way affect the quality of sleep.

When choosing this model, you need to consider where the sofa will be located, how often it will be used as a bed.

Distinctive features of the French folding bed

There are two types of folding beds: French and American. You can distinguish them by the following features:

  • Seat depth. In French sofas it is smaller, about 64-70 cm. The American version has a depth of about 80 cm.
  • The mechanism of transformation of the French folding bed is always inside - under the seat and covered on top with cushions. In French sofas, the addition mechanism is triple, in American - double.
  • Mattress thickness. The French version provides for the use of a mattress no thicker than 6 cm. Whereas the American book can be used in combination with an orthopedic mattress.
  • The French model is more compact than the American one and has standard sizes. In case of breakage of the frame parts they are easy to replace with new ones.

The French sofa wins in terms of compactness and performance standard, but only for a permanent berth of two options.



How to make a French cot comfortable for sleeping?

A French couch-type sofa has enough advantages to use. If you want to turn it into a place for constant sleep, it is quite possible to do it.

One has only to take care of purchasing a good quality mattress. Despite the fact that this model of bed does not provide for the use of orthopedic mattresses of standard thickness, you can find the right option with a minimum thickness. Sofa "French folding bed" with an orthopedic mattress - the most optimal solution to ensure a restful, comfortable sleep and good rest.

It should be remembered that the maximum size of the mattress for this sofa is 145 cm by 185 cm. For tall people, such sizes are unlikely to be convenient, given the extra space for a pillow.

The French sofa book can be used in any interior style. Simply select the appropriate version of the material and pattern of upholstery. Also these small sofas can be used in almost any room.

On the kitchen

Most often, the sofa in the kitchen is selected angular - this model adds comfort and warmth to the interior, and if the sofa folds out, then if necessary it can be used as an extra bed (for example, for guests or a child).

Kitchen sofa "French folding bed" - a very good option due to its compact size and a wonderful appearance. Suitable for use even in small kitchens. Convenience and simplicity of the folding mechanism will help to equip the bed quickly when necessary. You can also use the French clamshell version without armrests - it will save extra space.



In the living room

For the living room is suitable as a direct version of the sofa, and the corner. The variety of models and material manufacturing is so wide that you can easily choose a sofa that fits perfectly with the existing interior.

As a rule, the living room is the largest room in the house, so for her you can safely choose a triple-bed sofa of the French clamshell type. Despite the large number of beds, thanks to the hidden folding mechanism, the sofa still remains compact and not bulky. This option will be useful when accommodating a large number of guests, but it can also be used as a daily bed.



In the bedroom

Organic French sofa will look in the bedroom. For the equipment of a berth it is better to choose a double sofa. When choosing a model, it is worth paying attention not only to the style, coloring and upholstery material, but also to the materials from which the sleeper is made. An excellent option would be the base of the fine metal mesh - it will be more durable. This base has an orthopedic effect. You can use a mattress that comes with a sofa, but it is better to choose a special orthopedic matched to the parameters of a French bed.