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Armchair ball - a cozy resting place for all guests and households (24 photos)


Renowned Finnish designer Eero Aarnio was the first to suggest using a unique ball chair in the interior - an unusual place to rest, usually complemented by soft decorative pillows, head restraints and armrests, and compact mattresses. This invention radically changed the concept of traditional seating design, because besides its direct purpose it vividly expresses the individuality of the owners, gives them maximum comfort.



Features of the use of a ball chair

Such a highly "well-appointed" place inspires thoughts of a pleasant, relaxing time. Comfortably seated on the seat, you can read a book, just relax, work, enjoy movies and music. The shape of the chair is such that you can sit in it and take a reclining position. The model is equally in demand in both adults and young people, due to the fact that it is presented in a rich assortment in specialized markets.



The products under consideration differ not only in the way they are placed in space, but the bases for classification can also be dimensions, shape, basic material, color palette, configuration, and details.



The reasons for the popularity of transparent variations

These chairs are not a separate type of furniture, the fact is that they are often bought. The secret of their success lies in universality: regardless of what they hang on, stand on their feet or have their own external frame, a glass or product imitating this material can be lossless and very harmoniously embedded in the interior. Transparent outlines do not overload the space, on the contrary, they bring notes of lightness, weightlessness, isolation from being and complete independence.



Even if the usable area has significant limitations, in order to avoid the clutter effect, you should buy such a model - it will allow you to equip a full-scale place to dive into yourself, moreover, compared to the usual soft accessory, it will not become a “stain” in the room.

Weightless modifications are made not only of glass, they also often use special reinforced plastic, polymer additives in which allow the product to maintain transparency without loss of strength and resistance to mechanical stress.




Features of a floor model range

Outdoor soft armchair usually looks like a spherical design, having a solid and stable, but rather thin leg. The inner space is hidden from prying eyes, and this is particularly the case for those who value privacy and separateness above all, even in a large family. The leg is designed so that the chair, if desired, could freely rotate around itself, from such a cozy nest you can freely inspect all corners of the room without getting up from the pillows.



In this category, contrast models are most in demand, in which the inner and outer shells are made in a different range. In particular, the popular white products upholstered in orange, red or black cloth. For lovers of monochrome designers have released a special collection of furniture, designed in a metallic range, as a rule, dark silver and bronze.

Another stunning brainchild of Eero Aarnio was an oval-shaped easy chair, because of the interesting anatomical similarity, which was called the "eyeball". In the original, the outer shell is performed in a glossy white color, and the inner shell is in sky blue; The oval design is very convenient for tall people, it is also possible to recline in it. There are brighter versions in which the upholstery color is changed to red and black.



The advantage of the suspended version

The gently swinging ball chair is an elegant suspended structure, it looks like a kind of spherical bed, the chain of which is fixed directly on the ceiling. The most sought-after variation here is the “bubble” or “soap bubble” - the first copy of Eero Aarnio was just that, embodying the dream of every child. The transparent walls were invented so that the light could easily penetrate inside, and the pendant design would help to relax and fully immerse in their own thoughts.

Over time, the designers slightly modified the device, satisfying the requests of those potential buyers who did not want to spoil the ceiling or use the chair only in one place. There were variations on curved holders that looked even more spectacular and more pleasant than Aarnio's original idea. As a result, the collections were complemented by a fully mobile furniture accessory that can be easily moved to the desired area.



For a child's room, it’s worth picking up products stylized as fruits and berries (in particular, watermelons with a cut-out segment, peaches and cherries look interesting, football and other balls of typical cartoon characters and comics.