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Pictures in the hallway: a new design solution (22 photos)


Hallway - a room that guests see first when they enter the house. To make a positive impression, the interior must be stylish and thoughtful. Bare walls will not improve the look of the room, so they should be decorated. Let's talk about which pictures will add coziness to the hallway.

When choosing paintings in the interior hallway, remember that the color scheme and the plot of the canvas should be pleasing to the eye and well combined with the decor of the room. Avoid dark colors in the entrance area. Comfort is easy to create using pastel shades. The palette of the picture, smoothly turning into the hallway palette - a win-win version of a stylish design. Calm tones will create a feeling of comfort, but you can take a chance and play on the contrast. If the walls of the room are bright, the picture may become a bright accent. Make sure that the wallpaper is neutral, the abundance of drawings or ornaments on the walls in combination with a bright image in the frame will look tasteless.



Pictures in the hallway should organically fit not only in color but also in plot. Cloths depicting natural disasters, broken things or fancy portraits are best viewed in the gallery, and not in your own home. To create a cozy atmosphere fit juicy country or city landscapes. You can even make them yourself, armed with a camera and visiting your favorite places. Images of animals or family members will be appropriate.



For minimalist creations, select simple metal or plastic frames. For a classic interior purchase wooden frames. Baroque masterpieces can not do without the gilded frame.

Universal tips on the design of the corridor paintings

Recommendations of designers for the selection and placement of paintings:

  • Consider the size of the room. If the size of the picture does not correspond to the dimensions of the room, the dissonance will spoil the impression of the images. In a small room, a bulky picture will take up almost all the free space. In the spacious hallway the tiny picture is lost.
  • Do not overdo it with the number of paintings. Compositions look spectacular if the hallway space allows them to be properly placed. But the living space should not resemble an art gallery. Do not forget about moderation.
  • Correct placement is considered when the center of the image is located at the level of a person’s eyes.
  • If you are not limited to one canvas on the wall, then remember that the paintings should be combined with each other. This can be a well-chosen color scheme or a specific technique of the artist. If possible, purchase original or high-quality copies.
  • With the help of ceiling lights or spotlights, you can focus on even a small-sized picture. But with direct sunlight you should be careful, under their influence, the paints lose their brightness.

Painting is a simple way to decorate your home. It is only important to think in advance where it will look most advantageous.



Modular pictures

Modular pictures in a hall - the original design decision which is often used in interiors of modern style. What is such a picture? This image is divided into parts. From the modules will be folded whole composition. Depending on the number of pieces, there are several types of modular paintings:

  • diptych (2 segments);
  • triptych (3 segments);
  • Penaptych (5 segments);
  • polyptych (more than 5 segments).

The more modules, the higher the cost. But do not, making a purchase, focus on the price of the product. It is more important that such a picture harmoniously looked in the interior of the hallway. For this you need to seriously consider the choice of the image and the size of the modular picture.



The correct picture will surely draw the attention of the guests and indicate the good taste of the owners, so when choosing a subject, pay attention to simple, uncomplicated plots. The role of the composite canvas is to highlight the beauty of the interior and create the necessary mood. The incoming person should not be permanently stuck in the corridor, considering the details of the canvas.

In order that the picture does not go unnoticed and harmoniously looked in the interior of the apartment, you need to decide on the image. Here there is an opportunity to realize your fantasies, because modular canvases can be made to order. The price will be slightly higher than the finished template, but you will get a unique picture for the hallway.



Do not forget to take into account the dimensions of the room. For example, in the usual Khrushchev hallway is small. If you put a diptych on the wall with an abstraction, then the room will visually increase. At the same time, the composite canvas of five segments will visually reduce the already tiny footage of the corridor. Landscapes are considered a universal solution; they look good in rooms of any size.

You can hang such pictures in different ways. Designers have developed several concepts, the most popular of them:

  • Square. Four segments of the same size are located close to each other, forming a square.
  • Standard. Narrow rectangles are mounted on the same level, the number of modules may vary.
  • Ladder Square or rectangular segments are arranged vertically.

These are common options for how to hang a modular picture in the hallway, but not the only ones. Combine segments at will, making the interior unique.

Feng Shui Chinese doctrine speaks of the importance of living in harmony with oneself and the world. In order for thoughts and feelings to be in balance and tranquility, it is necessary to conduct a constant difficult struggle with external negative factors. You can start the transformation by creating a favorable atmosphere in your home.



Often, the owners pay insufficient attention to the decor of the corridor. But according to the laws of Feng Shui, it is in the hallway that the energy is formed, which is responsible for the financial well-being of the family. Even if your corridor is small, it should have good lighting and be clean. If the hallway is crowded and dark, the room will be extremely passing. If it does not want to linger in it, then material well-being will pass by. Empty wall in front of the entrance door - an obstacle to energy. In order not to block the progress of energy forward, you need to hang a picture on an empty place.



According to Feng Shui, the entrance hall is a place for which images of natural landscapes are perfect. The time of year in the picture may be different, but spring awakening or summer luxury of greenery is desirable. In the composition of the picture should not be broken trees, wilted flowers or destroyed objects. Fresh flowers in a vase or fruit still life will bring beauty, prosperity and wealth to the house. A well-chosen picture not only activates positive energy, but also absorbs negative energy emitted by ill-wishers.



Find the right picture for the hallway is easy. To make the right choice, it is enough to be guided by our advice and your own taste. Remember that the picture should not only complement the interior of the room, but also cause positive emotions among those who see it.