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Velor wallpaper: durable luxury (20 photos)


A lot of finishing materials are used to create an interesting interior, but despite the variety, most people choose wallpaper for wall decoration. It is good that modern models have appeared in a wide range. In place of short-lived paper canvases come more durable types of wallpaper. For example, velor wallpapers are becoming increasingly popular from year to year.



Velor wallcovering consists of a non-woven base, on which the pile is applied. Pile can be placed randomly or make up the composition. This is a relief coating, which is dried at a high temperature. After this procedure, the wallpaper becomes very durable.

Velor wallpaper for walls have several advantages.


Velvet wallpapers consist of two layers. Such a dense coating is not erased and does not wear out. As a result, over a long period of time, the walls will look as if they were pasted over quite recently.

Fade resistant

Although outwardly these wallpapers look like fabric, they do not change color much longer.

Even if velor wallpapers are glued so that they get direct sunlight, they do not fade. The tint will be as bright throughout the entire period of operation as on the first day after pasting the walls.



Noise isolation

The coverage of these wallpapers consists of tiny velor lint. Due to this, such a finishing material is able to reflect and dissipate loud sounds. So you will be protected from the spread of noise in other rooms in the house, also the sounds will not penetrate from the outside.


Velvet wallpaper for walls - an incredibly beautiful coating that allows you to create a unique interior design. In daylight or bright artificial light such wallpaper shining fascinatingly and shimmering.

Wide range of

On sale you can find a variety of velor wallpaper. They can be of different shades, decorated with original drawings and patterns.

The listed advantages guarantee that with such wallpaper you can realize exclusive design ideas. And elegantly decorated walls will not look worse over the years.



The disadvantages of velor wallpaper

Despite numerous advantages, velvet wallpaper is not an ideal finishing material. There are several disadvantages:

  • The fleecy surface accumulates dust, so these wallpapers should not be used in the hallway, because in this room most of the dirt and dust that enters the house from the outside.
  • Because of the fabric texture, velor wallpapers quickly absorb odors, which are almost impossible to weather. And if in the conditions of the bedroom this feature can be attributed to pluses (there the wallpaper will absorb the aromas of incense or toilet water), then in the kitchen or dining room it will be a huge minus.
  • Badly tolerate moisture. This means, not only that the velvet wallpaper will not withstand wet cleaning. If they are deformed under the influence of water, they cannot be used for pasting rooms with high humidity, i.e. Velvet wallpapers are not suitable for bathroom walls.
  • So that the wallpaper does not lose its beauty, they must be cleaned. Stains from the surface should be removed without detergents that damage the texture. Do not use coarse objects for cleaning, they wash the pile. Dry brush or sponge will help to get rid of small dirt, vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle - with dust. If the accumulation of dirt is deep, the velor canvas will have to be completely replaced.

Above it was listed in which rooms such wallpaper will not last long, but where can you use velor wallpaper for walls? This finishing material will look great in the living room, office, bedroom, home library or lounge.



The process of gluing velvet wallpaper

Such wallpaper is glued almost the same as any other. But it is worth remembering that velor wallpaper is different density, which means you need a special glue. To prevent the heavy coating from falling off and securely attach to the wall, use non-woven or dispersion adhesive. Also, before pasting, carefully prepare the surface of the walls.



Velvet wallpapers are usually available in wide sheets. Standard sizes are 53 or 106 centimeters. The latter cost more, but it is more economical to acquire them, since there will be much less joints. But it is more difficult to glue them than narrow ones, so it’s almost impossible to handle alone. Also, if there are drawings or patterns on the surface, a narrow roll version will take more time to select a solid picture.



The adhesive is evenly applied to the back side of the canvases, after which the wallpaper is immediately applied to the wall. If glue is still on the front side, you need to remove it as quickly as possible with a dry, soft cloth. To avoid bubbles or wrinkles, smooth the canvas with vertical movements using a soft roller or brush. This should be done by moving from the center to the edge, lightly pressing on the roller.



Velor wallpaper in the interior

These luxurious wallpapers harmoniously look both in modern and classic interiors. The walls are covered with velvet wallpaper, look like they are trimmed with a fabric. This makes the room cozy and fills it with warmth. Velor wallpapers are suitable for decorating walls in classical or English style, as well as baroque, vintage, rococo. They emphasize the exquisite taste of homeowners and their high status.