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Glowing wallpaper: style and luxury in the interior design (32 photos)


Luminous wallpaper is an original decoration of walls and ceilings, with which creates a spectacular interior decor without much effort. In daylight, the material looks like a normal surface finish. The real beauty of the cover unfolds in the dark, filling the space with a fantastic glow of the contours of the images on a dark background.






If you started a renovation in the apartment and want more expressiveness in design, then use the wallpaper, glowing in the dark, as an interior accent. As a rule, one of the walls is chosen for this decoration, since continuous design is fraught with complexity of visual perception. In some cases, the luminous coating emit only fragments of the surface. Ceiling with luminous stars - a respectable solution in the design of the bedroom, nursery or living room.








Glow Effect Wallpaper

There are two main types of finishes, which differ in the method of manufacture.

Glowing wallpaper with a pattern of phosphor paint

The composition does not contain phosphorus compounds, has the following features:

  • in the daytime it accumulates the energy of natural light, in the dark it returns accumulated in the form of a diffuse glow;
  • colors of radiation vary in green and blue gamma, a warm palette of yellow-orange shades;
  • Luminescent wallpapers provide additional illumination of the space in the dark, helping to create a cozy atmosphere with subdued light.

Phosphor paints, according to manufacturers, do not pose a danger to human health and the environment. The market offers a variety of tapestries with a luminous image, but if you wish, it is easy to make an exclusive design on your own, based on ordinary wallpaper, with a set of stencils and luminous colors.



Fluorescent wallpaper with 3d effect

Fluorescent wallpaper with a 3d effect is a coating that in daylight looks like a luxurious finish with a three-dimensional image, and in the dark it impresses with a fantastic glow of individual drawings and contours, striking the imagination with an original design solution. 3D wallpapers with lighting elements of the decor have the following features:

  • The technology includes the application of images with fluorescent pigments;
  • To fully reveal the effect of the glow, you need to use special lighting - Wood's lamp. The waves of this source of black light are reflected in the fluorescent paint, and the coating begins to glow fascinatingly;
  • so that the fluorescent coating will delight you with a fantastic glow for a long time, you should protect it from direct sunlight.

For the design of the ceiling most often choose a luminous finish with a three-dimensional pattern in the form of a stellar galaxy, outer space with planets. In the children's design, 3D effects with the image of fantasy plots with a spaceship, fairytale characters or favorite movie characters of little household members are relevant.

Wallpaper with a light effect are made on the basis of non-woven fabrics, thick paper or a polymer coating on non-woven fabric. At the same time, a drawing is first applied to the canvas — an image that is visible in daylight. Further, the contour lines are treated with a special pigment, and as a result, the 3d effect is created.



The dimensions of the product are different, it is not difficult to choose the desired model among the current proposals - a panel with compact parameters or large-scale canvas for the whole wall. By option distinguish:

  • Roll glowing 3D wallpaper used in the decoration of the walls. Most often make out one of the wall surfaces of the room, and in the design of the rest use ordinary wallpaper with a neutral color scheme. Often, on the basis of the roll cover, they create a panel framing the selected area with a baguette. Finishing is relevant in the zoning of room space - with the help of a coating with an unusually spectacular decor, it is easy to distinguish between a leisure area or a dream area from a living room;
  • plot canvases - a luminous composition with a separate motif on different themes is created from the fragments. Genre wallpaper used in the design of the walls and ceilings. Enjoy a particularly popular model with a picture of the galaxy, the depths of the sea, urban architecture, colorful landscapes.

Choosing a glowing wallpaper for the nursery, take into account the age and sex of the child: girls will like the decor with beautiful princesses, stars, hearts and flowers, and boys will appreciate scenes with fantastic characters and brutal heroes from the comics.






Panoramic wallpaper with 3d effect

Panoramic glowing wallpaper for the walls are used in the decoration of spacious rooms, as for the full perception of the picture you need an overview from a distance. Within a small room it is impossible to appreciate the real depth of the image, to know the true beauty of the composition. If you really want to decorate a compact interior with a similar finish, then the only right decision is to choose a part of the ceiling.



Selecting the plot of the decor, it should be borne in mind that sometimes it is quickly undernourished to look at the same composition, but the wallpaper is not a picture, it is not easy to update them a short time after the repair.

Choose motives with the image of the natural environment, as psychologists say, the brain perceives natural images better - landscapes, sea themes, celestial phenomena. Urban architecture, film plots, glowing images of people will quickly get bored if you look at them day after day.

For spacious interiors, it is recommended to use the alternative of finishing in the form of a removable luminous panorama. Compromise option decor - installation of paintings on the grommet - involves periodic updating of the composition, you can simply remove the design, if necessary.




How to properly operate?

When buying fluorescent cloths, it is necessary to choose a Wood lamp for lighting, taking into account the size of the illuminated space. Usually, a luminaire is enough for 3 m² of surface, while using devices with a reflector, their number is allowed to decrease. Place the source of black light no closer than 1 m from the wall surface. In the case of ceiling decoration with fluorescent wallpaper, the lighting is installed behind the ceiling plinth or in wall niches. The luminaires are arranged around the perimeter of the décor or they use point fixation, as long as the ultraviolet waves are directed to the light reflecting pigment.



Note that the coating with small images does not glow brightly, reflecting the ultraviolet waves of a black light bulb. If you install a large-scale panoramic canvas in the interior of the bedroom, the power of the glow can interfere with comfortable sleep.

The finishing material is easy to use and maintain, it lasts a long time, does not deform and does not lose color. The photosensitive layer of the image is treated with a protective coating, but still delicate care of the web is needed without the use of aggressive formulations. High-quality finish is an environmentally safe material, does not cause allergic reactions. To eliminate the risk of buying products of dubious origin, choose a luminous wallpaper among the offers of trusted manufacturers.



Current application areas

Spectacular decoration with glowing stars in the galaxy or an impressive view of the earth's nature is used in the design of rooms for various purposes:

  • in the bedroom - decorate the ceiling space, the wall above the bed or the surface opposite to enjoy the fantastic beauty of the glow before bedtime;
  • in the nursery - a fabulous three-dimensional composition with small reflective fragments or a canvas with a star galaxy will organically fit into the interiors with the atmosphere of a carefree childhood;
  • in the living room - a luxurious image with a luminous effect is an original accent of the interior, the main thing is to successfully choose a place for decor. Having decorated the ceiling or wall with a photoluminescent coating, 3D solves two problems at once: it is a respectable interior decoration and an additional source of diffused light;
  • entrance area - the ceiling in the corridor is often decorated with stylish plot canvases with a fluorescent coating.

Three-dimensional glowing wallpaper, despite the fact that they are implemented in the expensive segment, are popular in the design of urban interiors and houses outside the city. This is a bright note in the design of the dwelling, which in daylight delights with an image with realistic volumes, and in a darkened space fascinates with a fantastic glow.