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Colored stretch ceilings: a new palette (23 photos)


The appearance of stretch ceilings can be compared with a revolution in decorating. This material allowed to use the ceiling to solve complex design problems. Previously, this could be allowed only in palaces and temples, and today - in any city apartment.



The traditional interior solution - the white ceiling - is gradually losing ground under the onslaught of such material as colored stretch ceilings, which are distinguished by an affordable price, ease of installation and an impressive variety.

The increase in demand for colored PVC films for stretch ceilings made it possible to adjust their mass production and make them more accessible to all segments of the population. Manufacturers today offer a wide range of shades for interiors for every taste. What colors are most popular, and how to surprise guests with an unexpected design decision? Answers to these questions will provide an analysis of the most popular shades stretch ceilings.



Beige is traditionally considered one of the most soothing for the psyche, it is associated with sea sand, pine forest and warm ceramics. The location to this color is embedded in our genes, so the statistics of orders for suspended ceilings in the interior shows a steady increase in demand for this color. Beige ceilings are perfectly combined with classic furniture and carpets, steel products. This allows their use in interiors created in any style.



Black ceilings would have recently been rejected by potential customers with indignation. Today, the lacquer coating of this color is actively used to solve complex interior tasks. Contributes to this excellent reflective surface, creating a unique effect. Competently thought-out illumination of the black stretch ceiling will turn it into a bottomless starry sky and make an indelible impression.



Red stretch ceilings can be found in nightclubs, cafes and restaurants. This color is quite aggressive and is not suitable for the premises of a permanent pastime. Such a colored stretch ceiling in the kitchen with red furniture will be relevant, but it will not be allowed in the living room or bedroom. From the advantages of the shade, you can highlight its warm character, which allows it to be used in rooms on the shady side of the house.

In contrast to suspended ceilings, the tension structures have very different surface textures. Manufacturers offer the following types of film:

  • Matt - poorly reflects the color, in appearance resembles a high-quality plastered surface. Colored ceilings of matte film ideally fit into the classic interiors, are the best choice for government agencies and office space;
  • glossy - perfectly reflects the light, visually expands the room. A strong reflective effect is used for glossy film ceilings in entertainment venues, cafes and restaurants;
  • perforated - it has holes all over the surface or in a certain part, it is used for ceilings with internal illumination. Effectively such suspended ceilings look black;
  • satin - combines the advantages of a matte and glossy surface, it is recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

The texture of the surface can enhance the effect of the color solution of the stretch ceiling or reduce all the positive sides of the chosen color to a minimum. For this reason, it is necessary to carefully select the combination of texture and color.



We can give a simple and illustrative example of black stretch ceilings. This color is most susceptible to surface texture. Black glossy stretch ceiling is the epitome of luxury, it resembles a piano lacquer or a magnificent tuxedo. Reflecting daylight or artificial lighting, this ceiling plays with glare, creating an atmosphere of halls of palaces and castles. It is necessary to opt for the matte texture of the black stretch ceiling and the whole effect of this color will be reduced to zero. The ceiling will be darker than a thundercloud and no ideas about how a quick end of the world will appear in such a room in a normal person.



Choosing a colored ceiling for rooms for different purposes

What should be colored stretch ceilings in the bathroom or in the living room? This question is relevant for everyone who decided to give preference to this finishing material. Consider the most popular solutions:

  • Kitchen - these rooms are rarely large in size, so you should give preference to glossy stretch ceilings. The dining table, reflected on their surface, will create an additional flavor to the room. Glossy ceilings will visually expand the room, and the romantic dinner will be filled with additional colors. The color scheme should be in harmony with the color of the furniture; warm shades are perfect for this room;
  • Hall - traditionally this room has no windows and it is recommended to choose for it colored stretch ceilings of light shades. Great value for a particular choice of color will be used wallpaper and furniture. Ceilings should be a few shades lighter than walls;
  • Living room - all family members gather here and the best solution would be a multi-level film ceiling of 2-3 contrasting shades. It is better to give preference to glossy ceilings, combined with wallpaper and furniture color;
  • Bedroom - the ceiling in this room will always attract the eye, for this reason it is best to opt for a satin surface. The color scheme should be calm, beneficial effect on the human nervous system. The best choice is a beige, blue, lilac shade of the stretch ceiling film;
  • Children's - in this room it is better to use colored matte stretch ceilings in such shades as orange, beige, light blue, green or yellow. The perfect solution will be a combination of several colors, they will distract the child from the monotonous activities: watching cartoons or playing for the tablet. In the nursery there should not be ceilings of gloomy shades;
  • Bathroom - stretch ceilings for this room are the best choice, as many other materials have a negative attitude to high humidity. The room is rather complicated for designers, as it has traditionally small dimensions and a large number of white objects with chrome details. Use a glossy ceiling for the visual expansion of the room is not worth it, it will brightly reflect the steel parts and white household appliances. It is better to give preference to satin ceilings - they do not visually reduce the room, but they will not annoy the bright highlights. The color of the ceilings should be several tones different from the shade of ceramic tiles on the walls of the room.



Traditionally, the final decision is to choose between 2-3 ceilings in different colors. If the ceiling height allows, you can make a multi-tiered structure and use all the options. Many colors go very well together: gray with blue, red with white, beige with yellow, blue with burgundy. Do not give up on combinations that have become classic. These are black and white, yellow and blue, orange and green colors of stretch ceilings, which are easy to choose for interiors made in a very different style.