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Wrought porch: the individuality and sophistication of your home (20 photos)


The porch is a must-have detail in both private and commercial buildings. The most versatile solution is a wrought-iron porch, suitable for any type of house, material of construction and decoration.



The design includes the upper platform, a staircase of steps and kosour, a canopy and fencing. You can purchase a finished design: openwork, beautiful and quite stylish, or order the manufacture of a porch according to your own or designer sketches, which will ensure the originality of the product.

The popularity of the wrought porch is determined by the many advantages of this design.

  • High aesthetics. Openwork metal elements are the decoration of the facade, able to transform the image of the structure, give it individuality and expressiveness. It is possible to create designs in a variety of stylistic directions, both strict and pompous.
  • Uniqueness. The handicraft of masters even with an identical picture is different in the details, so the customer gets an exclusive version of the porch for the house.
  • Durability. Metal is a material used in any climatic conditions, withstanding high and low temperatures, their sudden drops, other aggressive environmental influences, characterized by durability, resistance to wear and mechanical damage, decay, shrinkage, deformation and fading. Wrought porch retains the original properties and appearance for the entire life. To improve the anti-corrosion properties of the metal is covered with a special forge (acrylic or alkyd-acrylic) paint.
  • Quick and easy installation. To facilitate transportation and subsequent dismantling (if necessary), the forged porch consists of several prefabricated parts that are interconnected by welding at the installation site.
  • The possibility of combining materials. Metal elements are well combined with wood, plastic, glass and stone, which allows to realize any design idea.




There are also disadvantages of forged porches: a rather high cost, the need for a corrosion-resistant coating, which leads to additional expenses, as well as noise during rain, which can be prevented if polycarbonate canopies and canopies over the porch are ordered. In addition, when wet and glaciated, the steps become slippery, so it is necessary to cover them with PVC mats or special strips that are fixed on the metal surface.



There are many varieties of design. To choose the most suitable option, the customer must consider the features of each part of the porch.



Types of forged canopies

For greater functionality, creating a complete and complete image, the porch is necessarily equipped with a canopy. The form of peaks varies:

  • The semicircular roof is distinguished by an elegant, smooth bend, made mostly with a combination of forging - for the frame and polycarbonate - as a coating.
  • Shed roof - flat surface with a slope to ensure the runoff of precipitation.
  • Double-forged visors above the porch require a relatively large amount of material, they are equipped with a ridge.
  • Hip roof is the most expensive, but allows you to embody the original design ideas.

Forged visors differ in fastening method. When fixing the canopy on the support brackets or draw chains, an additional load falls on the wall of the building, which is not always desirable and possible. A more suitable option is when the wrought canopies above the porch rest on metal columns, which are also part of the fence.

A wrought lamp can be attached to the visor as a decorative and functional element, which with its light will attract attention to the building at night, beauty and originality - to the light.




Fence and staircase with railing for porch

The wrought-iron porch fence not only adds aesthetics to the structure, but also provides safety for users, preventing them from falling down from the stairs and the landing, which is usually located at a certain elevation.



Wrought Porch Styles

Forged peaks and canopies, railings and fences are made in accordance with the general appearance of the building. The classic style is expressed in the pretentiousness of curls covered with patina, rococo - in airiness, subtlety and almost weightlessness of the design. Smooth rounded, but laconic forms, enameling of metal canopies and other details of the structure are characteristic of modernity. Loft promotes the severity of heavy geometric shapes, country and chalets - floral pattern, minimalism - simple interweaving of rods, hi-tech - the extraordinary abstraction. In some cases, performed mystical drawings in the form of ancient symbols and runes, as well as traced the entire plots on certain topics.



A wrought-iron porch in a private house or a public building is always beautiful, dignified, noble and respectable. Exquisite forged construction clearly demonstrates the strength of the financial position and welfare, which is important for an organization or a person of a certain status. Accordingly, visitors and guests at first glance will have a favorable impression of the hosts.