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Combined bathroom: features of the layout (58 photos)


Combined bathroom allows you to efficiently use the space and bring to life any design ideas. The options for combined bathrooms are different. In older apartments, it usually has a small area, so when planning, each decision is carefully weighed.

In the new houses the combined bathrooms are spacious - 6-9 square meters. The owners of such apartments do not have any difficulties in the design of the premises, and some owners of separate bathrooms specially demolish the partition and combine two rooms.




Combined bathroom with toilet forms a spacious room, which has several advantages:

  • A large area makes it possible to create a more functional and aesthetic setting.
  • Use of furniture and plumbing of any size, and not just small.
  • Due to the lack of a wall between the two rooms, repairing a bathroom combined with a toilet is much cheaper.
  • Cleaning in one room is more convenient and faster than in two.
  • You can arrange plumbing in all rules.

Bathroom, combined with a toilet, can not be used immediately by two people, so large families will experience some inconvenience. This is the only drawback of such a plan.






We make a plan project

For the service design design, you can contact a specialist. It is not cheap, but it does not have to puzzle over the correct location of plumbing and the choice of finishing materials. He needs to provide images of the most successful layouts, according to the owner of the apartment. The result of the designer will be stunning.









Plumbing placement rules

To make repairs in the bathroom, combined with a toilet, to create the most comfortable environment in the room, the following rules must be observed when planning the placement of plumbing:

  • in front of the toilet there should be a space of half a meter, and on the sides about its axis - 40 cm;
  • the optimal distance between the bath or shower and sink - 60 cm;
  • in a spacious room sink hang in 80-85 cm from the floor. The width of the product should be 50-65 cm;
  • in a small bathroom the width of the sink is allowed within 40-45 cm;
  • for convenient operation of the sink, the distance from the wall to its edge should be more than 20 cm;
  • towel warmer hang over the bathroom at a height of over 50 cm;
  • if it is decided to install 2 sinks in the room, then the distance between them should be more than 25 cm. Then in the morning it will be convenient for the household to make the morning toilet;
  • the distance between the double washbasin mixers is in the range of 80-100 cm.

In drawing up the design of a small room during the selection of the optimal layout and compliance with the rules will have to try. Features repair bath area of ​​less than 4 sq.m. consist in engaging every centimeter of space.





Usually the design is planned together with the washing machine. It can be placed under the sink or separately. A good option for a spacious room would be a large bedside table with a sink and a tabletop with space for a washing machine.


For economy of space and arrangement of a small combined bathroom use angular sinks. Suspended models are becoming more popular. They are suitable not only for combined bathroom in Khrushchev, but also for creating light and modern design.


The toilet should be in harmony with other plumbing. It can be suspended or located in the corner. Suspended models are mounted in the wall and work silently, but have a high cost.






Shower or bath

In a small bathroom it is better to install a corner shower instead of a bath. Despite its compact size, it does an excellent job with its function. The bath is located opposite the door, and the rest of the plumbing is mounted on the side. Then do not have to breed communication systems. To create an ergonomic and stylish room, you can install a corner white bath.


From the furniture in the combined bathroom you can use cabinets, bedside tables and shelves. They contain detergents and bath accessories. The cabinet can be placed under the sink. This will help to make the combined bathroom more functional, and also save space. It is desirable that she was on the legs, so that less contact with the wet floor.

Recently, there is a trend in the design, according to which you need to have a worktop around the sink. It will provide additional storage space for cosmetics. In order not to bend over to search for things, various cabinets and shelves are hung on the walls.




In any bathroom high humidity, so choose materials that do not absorb moisture. Usually use tile. It meets all the requirements for finishing materials for the bathroom. Under the tile can be installed underfloor heating.









Bathroom ceiling

Today, the design of the bathroom, combined with a toilet, rarely do without suspended ceilings. They are moisture-proof, so it is easy to withstand the tests from the temperature and humidity conditions of the room.

Often for the ceiling use plastic. Not inferior to him and the surface coating moisture-resistant compositions. Plasterboard and wet plaster are suitable for leveling slabs.

The mirror surface looks spectacular, but the use of mirrors on the ceiling is appropriate in spacious rooms. In a small bathroom, it will create the feeling of a well. It looks interesting and steadfastly withstands high humidity ceiling of polystyrene foam tiles.




Features repair the bathroom, combined with a toilet, include zoning. It is necessary to separate parts of the room, which differ in functions. There are several options for the method:

  • color;
  • light;
  • architectural

Color zoning is great for budget repairs. Colors help interestingly draw a room and conditionally divide it into zones. The choice of solutions is unlimited. The most common ways:

  • Focus on the main details of the interior. For example, a room with red walls can be supplemented with furniture and fixtures of a light palette. They will look beautiful on this background. To divide into zones, the wall space near the mirrors and the heated towel rail is trimmed with white.
  • A simple but effective option is to paint the toilet and bathroom areas in different colors.
  • To solve the problem of zoning will help tile with a pattern or ornament.

Light zoning is created using lighting. For example, a lamp above the sink will effectively highlight it with a stream of bright light. It will become a kind of separator between the bathroom and the toilet.

In architectural zoning tools are screens, niches and partitions. The latter are made of drywall and varnished. If desired, the partition can be decorated. All separation elements should not completely separate the bathtub from the toilet, otherwise the whole meaning of the combined bathroom is lost. They, like light and color, create only a visual effect.

Furniture, houseplants and rugs can also demarcate zones. At the border, you can lay a long walkway. In a large combined bathroom, potted plants are installed on the floor between the washbasin and the toilet. You can divide the room into zones using stepped ceilings.




The more lighting in the bathroom, the better. Good lighting will invigorate in the morning, have a positive impact on your mood and allow you to apply makeup properly. Bright lamps in a large number visually expand the room.

In the combined bathroom install two types of lighting:

  • local;
  • overall.

It is recommended to install an additional relay switch. It will allow you to adjust the brightness of the light. General lighting installed on the ceiling, and local at the discretion of the owner. Most local lighting have about a bath or a mirror. A muffled light will help in the evening to relax and meditate.