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Companions wallpaper: designers' recommendations for the right combination (22 photos)


For every person who is just about to start a renovation, it is necessary that the future decor of the room is not only stylish and modern, but also contributes to a peaceful rest. Companion wallpaper is suitable for this purpose. With their help, you can originally design any room.

Primary colors of companion wallpapers

Designers do not give clear recommendations, which companion wallpaper in the interior is best used for sticking. It all depends on the desire of the owner of the room. But one rule does exist. It is associated with the semantic load that these wall coverings carry. When choosing rolls in the store, you need to pay attention not only to what material they are made of (for example, non-woven, etc.), but also what color and shade they are made of.


It has a calming effect on the nervous system and promotes relaxation, as it is associated with nature in most people. Psychologists say that green and all its tones (except neon green) have psychotherapeutic features. Therefore, such coatings can be used for pasting the walls of a children's room or a dining room where the whole family is going. Goes well with companion wallpaper in shades of white and brown.




This is one of the most versatile colors that embodies measured and calm. Its characteristic feature is that it can be used with all colors and shades. A good option would be to glue the room with companion rolls of gray and white in the same proportions. In addition, a room will be very impressive and stylish, with three walls pasted over with white canvases, and a green or turquoise color of the rolls will be added to one.

Design experts claim that all the colors listed are basic and suitable for any interior. In addition, they are well combined with each other.

To make the room look much more spectacular, designers advise using wallpaper companions for the hall, kitchens or in other rooms to create a color accent.

For example, purple. Materials of this color look very luxurious in the interior. But it should be remembered that the misuse of the mysterious and exotic violet can lead to the opposite effect of the repair, and the room will not look like it was intended in advance. Apply such a wallpaper palette should be dosed. It is best to allocate them one area for sticking, for example, behind the sofa in the living room.



As a supplement to the purple coatings, it is recommended to choose quieter shades that do not carry a strong semantic load. These include gray, white, pale pink and beige. Purple wallpapers are suitable for dreamy people who prefer quiet gatherings at home and who do not like to attend noisy events.

No less interesting is the selection of wallpaper companions of red color and all its shades on the walls. Designers warn that you should not use it in large volumes, otherwise it can make a depressing impression on those who are constantly in the room. A good option would be to use red as an accent, for example, behind the bed in the bedroom. As for the design of the remaining space, it is best to use white or gray. Any of them will soften red in the interior and remove its aggressiveness.



A very dangerous color that should be used with extreme caution is black. It resembles red in its effects. The most spectacular combination of companion wallpapers will be in the form of a combination of black and white wallpapers. If there is more black, the room will look more solid, more elegant. An abundance of white on a black background will give the room more style.

For an interesting effect, you can use the original design technique: you need to choose companion wallpaper for the living room or other rooms so that the black canvas has a small white pattern, and the white one, on the contrary, is black. It can be patterns in the form of geometric shapes or curlicues. Some modern parents put black on the nursery, considering that this design looks very stylish and modern. But even if this color is diluted with other shades, such a design of his bedroom will act depressingly on the child.



The choice of wallpaper depending on the subject of the room

Companion wallpaper in the interior of the living room, hall, nursery or kitchen will look modern if you choose them in accordance with the purpose and theme of the room where you plan to glue such canvases. First of all, you need to pay attention to the style of the room.






Such canvases have original decorations in the form of pilasters, orders or sculptures. The room will be much more interesting to look, if as companions to them choose a combination of non-bright monochromatic wallpaper. In addition, it is possible, as in the previous case, to decorate walls with such coverings in the form of paintings using moldings or borders. Baroque wallpaper suitable for decorating the living room. Designers advise them to draw up areas behind the TV or on the sides of the sofa.



It should be remembered that the brighter the rest of the decor (tablecloths, curtains, bedside rugs, etc.), the more calm the tones of the paintings to choose. And vice versa, in order to give an interior with calm furniture originality, you need to select spectacular wallpapers of rich colors and patterns.