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Glossy floor in the interior: gloss and smoothness of the surface (23 photos)


Glossy floor in the interior is widely used. This type of floor is extremely beneficial to use from an aesthetic and practical point of view. With it, you can make the room much more interesting, brighter and more spectacular. Glossy floor is applied only on a perfect flat surface. Otherwise, all defects of the floor will be evident.



Glossy flooring can be made using a wide variety of materials. It will be the perfect solution for any room: kitchen, nursery, living room, corridor, etc.

Glossy floor tiles are widely used in rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room, hall, etc. It has a large number of undeniable advantages:

  1. High security and durability. The material firmly copes with various types of mechanical damage.
  2. Excellent aesthetic properties. The glossy surface fills the room with light, brightness and helps to visually make it bigger.
  3. Practical in use. The tile differs in simplicity in leaving. Any stains and dirt can be removed with a detergent.

Glossy ceramic tiles in the interior have a radiant showy surface. Such material will certainly appeal to lovers of frustration and glamor. With this method of finishing any room acquires an unsurpassed and stylish appearance. If the lighting in a standard apartment is weak, then the glossy finish will help to easily solve this issue.

Glossy lacquering is an excellent solution for rooms with high levels of pollution, as it is easy to clean.



Bulk floor in an apartment or house: the advantages of using

Glossy self-leveling floor allows you to get a perfectly flat floor covering that will reflect light from its surface. Such a black and white coating is often used where space is required to be given special decorative properties. But in the world there are many other options for colors.



Glossy self-leveling floor places high demands on the preparation of the base. Gloss can produce even small cracks on the floor. If necessary, it is better to make a new concrete or cement screed. Cement should be of high quality, not lower than M 200.



How to make such a floor?

All potholes and cracks should be carefully leveled. This is done using a primer. Before priming it is required to remember to do the grinding. All construction dust is removed with a vacuum cleaner. The polymer is applied on a perfectly smooth and even surface. The mixture is leveled using a needle roller and applied in two layers. The advantages of self-leveling floors are as follows:

  • Self-leveling floors are characterized by seamlessness. This eliminates the accumulation of large amounts of dirt in hard to reach places. It is easy to look after such floor as it does not pass moisture.
  • The coating is characterized by versatility and is appropriate in any room.
  • High antistatic properties. This coating will not accumulate dust.
  • The ability to form an optimal microclimate indoors. Dust suspension will not spread from the floors. They do not emit toxic substances.
  • The floor is perfectly combined with various heating equipment and a "warm floor" system.
  • High decorative possibilities. The color range is varied, and design solutions have no boundaries.
  • Long service life. With proper operation, the flooring will serve its owner for more than 20 years.




Glossy paint, varnish and concrete floor

Glossy varnish and paint are finishing coatings for a concrete floor.

Glossy paint for concrete floor and varnish are made mainly on the basis of polyurethane. It provides a high level of adhesion of the surface. It adheres strongly to the material, forming a dense elastic film that has a spectacular glossy sheen.

This enamel has a high level of resistance to acid and alkaline effects. She is easily experiencing sudden changes in temperature. Glossy paint and floor varnish are widely used not only in houses and apartments, but also in industrial premises. Varnish floor paint can withstand heavy loads.




Colored, white and black self-leveling floors in the interior

White glossy floor will help fill the space with ease, elegance and lightness. With this type of flooring, you can emphasize the impeccability of the design decision. White color is perfectly combined with a different color range (red, green, black, orange and other colors). White glossy floor will be the perfect solution for any room. Thanks to the different options of a two-part epoxy material, the white floor can be made silver-plated, gold-plated, mother-of-pearl, aged, grainy, etc.

Black self-leveling floors are a classic solution that is optimal for spacious rooms. They fill the space with aristocracy, originality. But the floor of black color requires constant cleaning, as it is more noticeable dust.



Colored self-leveling floors in the interior is a modern decorative coating with high aesthetic qualities. The color and nuances of its shades can be very diverse. It can be both dark and saturated tones. The palette can have the most varied saturation. Today it is possible to arrange a self-leveling floor with various images, ornaments, 3d-drawings.

Glossy porcelain tiles for the floor is widely used. Porcelain is a material with high performance. It is resistant to moisture, does not crack, has an attractive aesthetic appearance. Thanks to innovative solutions, such a glossy floor can imitate various materials with great likelihood: wood, stone and others.