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Double sink: a review of the benefits (24 photos)


The improvement of modern trends in the Russian sphere of housing construction and design led to the creation of a plumbing novelty - a double sink. It resembles an ordinary washbasin, which combines 2 tanks in 1 case. There are a lot of design options. The design is used for both large bathrooms and kitchens.



What is this model for?

With a design solution such as a double sink, the overall interior becomes even more charming. The novelty has significant advantages from a practical point of view. For example, staying in the bathroom or kitchen becomes as comfortable as possible for several family members at once. Among the other advantages:

  1. Calm atmosphere. In the mornings, most people are going somewhere (to school, to work, etc.). In the case of equipment with such a model, two can simultaneously assemble freely.
  2. Hygiene. One tank can be put at the disposal of adults, and the use of the second to entrust the children. In this case, the possibility of interaction of small family members with the microbes of senior residents is completely excluded.
  3. Organization of space. Own sink is also a personal area arrangement. Cosmetics, hygiene items, etc., can be conveniently located at your discretion.

The novelty has almost no downsides. The only drawback is the double volume of cleaning, and therefore time-consuming. However, with the help of high-quality detergent, this task is not difficult.

The main parameters for the classification of double sinks:

  • configuration (square, oval, round and rectangular);
  • material (glass, metal, ceramics, granite and marble);
  • installation type (wall, delivery note and equipped with a pedestal).

There are a lot of variants of designs and design solutions for double sinks on the market. Thanks to this, it is possible to choose a model according to individual preferences for any interior, which will advantageously complement it. One type of device is a long pallet in the size of two tanks, equipped with one mixer or two. In this case uses one drain hole.



Another variety is 2 separate containers. Premium models are made of artificial and natural stones.

Now in the trend double sink for the bathroom of glass. Thanks to her, the interior is given an amazing atmosphere of airiness and lightness.

The most practical option is a panel with double sink, equipped with a cabinet. With the help of this addition, practicality, aesthetics and harmony are ensured. Inside it is convenient to store small inventory, hygienic and bath accessories.

For each hostess the main condition for the kitchen equipment is functionality. In this part of the house, the woman spends most of her time doing cooking and washing dishes. An important criterion here is a high-quality and comfortable double sink for the kitchen.

This model has recently appeared on sale. It is not yet familiar to the Russian consumer, and therefore is not as popular as in foreign countries. The decision to install such a sink will save a huge amount of time, since now you can do several things in parallel. When using the device, a significant decrease in the volume of consumed water is noticed.

Among the other advantages of double washbasin should be highlighted.




Extra space for dishes

If a large amount of dirty containers and cutlery has accumulated, an additional tank will provide the washing process with maximum comfort. One bowl can be used to apply detergents, and another - for rinsing. Often the washbasin is equipped with a special compartment for drying. All clean plates, cups, utensils and pots can be placed there for draining excess liquid.

An important condition is the presence of two drain holes. It uses 1 siphon with a special adapter that connects each drain with a sewer pipe.

Recently, double sinks for a bathroom began to be installed not only in country houses, but also in apartments. This sanitary novelty is notable for its convenience and rationality; it helps to save a lot of precious time, which is so important. Bathroom furniture of this type is installed a little more complicated than ordinary appliances. For installation, it is recommended to seek help from a professional plumber who has experience with such structures.

Most people in Russia use single shells, as this device is familiar to them. Other plumbing options are not even considered, although it is in this part of the house that the queue is going to be in the morning. For large families consisting of three or more people, this moment causes a lot of problems.

The difference between the installation of double models is the principle of symmetry. The same siphons, mixers and other plumbing parts are used. In any case, they must be from the same collection. With this technique, the harmoniousness of the twin products with the overall style of the room is achieved.

It is important to remember that the interval between the sinks should be at least 1 meter, since a more dense location will not provide comfortable use.

Dual devices are divided into 3 types, each of which requires consideration of certain nuances during installation.



Wall mounted

In addition to standard procedures in the form of connecting to the water supply and sewage system, additional work is needed here to fasten the product to the wall. In some cases it is necessary to install an auxiliary support. You should know what exactly wall-mounted appliances refer to the best options for bathroom equipment, since they not only have excellent quality, but are also affordable.




Such a model can be installed only subject to the availability of plumbing skills and experience with built-in furniture. To equip the bathrooms most often used products made of natural stone or artificial. However, there are also those who independently assemble the case of drywall and decorate it with tiles. After this, a double washbasin is built into it.

Special luxury and visual weightlessness are achieved by using glass table tops. However, these structures need careful care and appropriate daily operation.



With a cabinet

It is believed that the double sink, complemented by a bedside table, is easier to install than other varieties. It is also the most affordable installation option. Its process includes the installation of mixers on the structure, connecting the siphon to the sewage system and connecting the product to the water supply. These models not only look stylish, but also allow you to use the internal storage space.