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Red sofa: a bright accent in a modern interior (27 photos)


A red corner sofa, a scarlet sofa, an exquisite purple set of upholstered furniture - no matter what the owners of the apartments choose, such attributes will make the cloister spectacular and attractive. Such a bright color of the basic furniture can become the most catchy bad taste or embody a perfect style. It all depends on the details and the overall concept of the interior.



Red upholstery and decor options: the complexity of choice

Speaking of "red sofa", you can mean by this term anything. These include various upholstery textures, the presence of auxiliary elements of decor, and the combination of several colors based on a scarlet canvas, and even the stylization of the same thing from different angles.



The best look minimalist compositions. Preferred styles where this piece of furniture fits in favorably - provocative art deco and restrained modern. There is a reason to experiment with ethnic and oriental motifs.



Another important nuance: the furniture should be made of expensive materials that will emphasize the very concept of "aristocratic style". For example, it can be textured velvet and natural wood with carved legs, elegantly decorated armrests and the back of the sofa.



Shades of red as a worthy alternative

The red palette is rich in attractive and expensive shades. Here are just some of them:

  • Marsala;
  • Bordeaux;
  • Crimson;
  • Purple;
  • Scarlet.

Strict bordeaux fit perfectly into the office. Pink will be a good solution for a teenager room. The scarlet tone with elements of white decor perfectly refreshes the decor in the house. Such a red sofa in the interior of the living room will play its important role.



Kitchen - a springboard for the "scarlet" experiments

The most "grateful" location where you can experiment at your leisure is the kitchen. The main thing is to choose a practical upholstery and a favorite shade from the fiery palette. A red corner sofa will give a special positive to the kitchen.



Such a bright attribute to complement the accessories and decor is a pleasure. In addition, you can play with gastronomic elements. For example, a strawberry-colored soft corner will effectively complement the berry decor on kitchen curtains, work apron or decorative textile.

The aggression of the scarlet palette can always be leveled using traditional white and black colors. The same kitchen sofa is red, but with black wooden armrests it is perceived completely differently. Black color can be used to create ornate patterns, democratic cells, eclectic stripes.

Art Deco - the perfect style, where you can combine three basic colors at once. The base is a white sofa. Black ornament and red elements forming a complex surrealistic composition will give a special stylistic coloring to this piece of furniture.

Already mentioned is the fact that minimalist design will allow more freely to work with such a complex element of the modern interior. Minimalism as a basis can be generously filled with experiments with the shape, size, overall composition.

Perhaps this is one of the most impractical materials for sofa upholstery, but the most luxurious, stylistically rich and comfortable in all respects. True luxury is well complemented by black, silver, cream decor.

Often in a working home office they prefer to put leather upholstered furniture. Looks solid and respectable. Black color sometimes overshadows the situation in the working room, but a bright red corner sofa can bring some psychological dissonance to the whole composition.

Many designers, armed with the support of a psychologist, are advised to refrain from decorating the bedroom in red. Moreover, the use of a sofa bed, red and scarlet, the pink color of which will be more annoying than adjusting for rest and relaxation.